Delicious Limousine Dining Service in San Diego

Leave a lasting impression with our unique limousine dining service in San Diego.

San Diego Dining in Style Limo Service

Dinner doesn’t have to be about pizza delivery or a movie at the theater. The next time you want to dine in style in San Diego, try our limousine dinner package!

Call now at (619) 990-1530 or take a moment to fill out the online form! We’ll give you a free quote.

Consider the following reasons you should use our limo dinner service in San Diego…

Punctual and Professional Chauffeur — Our reliable driver will take you to the hotel on time… even bad weather will not be a hindrance. We cannot afford to arrive late; you do not want the maître d’ to give the table to another couple! Plus, we ensure that before we part in the evening, you are on your couch digesting your meal.

Are you worrying about traffic snarl-up in San Diego because of a game somewhere? Or a truck that blew its tire in the middle of the road? No problem, our chauffeurs know how to navigate through the town traffic. They will use back roads, keep the trip smooth, and take you to the destination on time!

Forget wasting precious time at the parking deck and looking for the parking meter. Do not even bother about the boring taxi driver. Treat your guest to a limo ride that complements the extravagance of your dinner!

Luxurious Transportation and Great Ambiance — If you’re looking to impress your dinner partner or spouse, our elite fleet of vehicles is the answer. Ask for any of our luxury cars including town cars, limousines, and stretch hummers.

Having nice food is not enough to make lasting memories! Call us up at (619) 990-1530 and let us make your dinner night spectacular!

Are you looking to bring the Wow to your experience? If you are trying to rekindle the spark of excitement, a limo dinner for your special one is the way to go

Limousine Dinner Service in San Diego


If you live in San Diego and want to experience a memorable celebration, ask for our limo dinner service right away. You will enjoy the stylish interiors that spell (and smell of) luxury.

Go ahead and hold an intimate conversation; our chauffeurs respect your privacy.

Safety and Soberness — Do not allow transportation worries to steal your joy at the dinner. Nothing is more frustrating than dining out in style, then waiting for a taxi that takes hours! It is even worse to get into the taxi to a greasy and stinky backseat. You do not want to subject your dinner attire to this!

You have every reason to opt for our limousine offer. Our chauffeurs are friendly throughout… they open the door for you!

If you wish to come with a pre-dinner wine bottle, we will drive through town as you sip your delicious drink. This is the perfect way of preparing to dine in style!

Affordable — Thanks to our affordable rates, our limo dinner services are available to all. Our vehicles are in incredible condition, because we use what we earn to maintain them.

Our price quote will surprise you! We take great pride in our affordable limo service and giving our customers the best.

The next time you want a legendary dinner night experience, call us at (619) 990-1530 and we will make it happen!